Lost and Found EP

by Profresher

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I thought I had completely lost all of these tracks and had even been searching through old laptops and hard drives over the past couple years only to stumble on them today in an old mediafire account!!! so here it is 4 of my favorite songs that I used to play live but never got a chance to release. I'm pretty sure all of them were made between 2011 and 2012 :)

Thanks for the support

The album art is just a contrast enhanced iphone edit of a painting my great grandpa did a long long time ago.... I thought it was appropriate because the man in the boat is most definitely lost... but the boat on the horizon means he could be found... at some point... there is always hope..

<3 xoxo

Shout out to Purple Dolphin Bandits who originally released the song "Narwhal Tusk Pimp Cane"


released September 20, 2016

Painting by Gaylord Carothers

Music by Billy Blacklight



all rights reserved


Profresher Blacklight Minneapolis, Minnesota

Profresher AKA Billy Blacklight is responsible for 'crunk-flavored beats' and 'neo-g-funk' basslines that set a bold stage for the crisp synth lines that cruise on top. Listening from beginning to end is like playing the PS1 Gran Turismo in subwooferladen submarine while sippin' on some 'tussin. There's a late-90s throwback vibe throughout, as well as enough bass to keep that booty clappin ¥€$ ॐ ! ... more

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